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This story is primarily about planting trees, and it does so because forests play a major role in the global carbon cycle. All trees absorb and store CO2 in order to thrive and grow, but when the tree is felled, it not only stops depositing CO2 but also deliver it back to the atmosphere. Up to 20% of our greenhouse gas emissions come from deforestation, which is slightly more than the entire global transport sector can be held responsible for. The sale of these drawings of roots from our seven continents will, with the expert help of the German-based organization Plant-for-the-Planet, trigger documented and certified plantings of new trees wherever on earth it is most needed. So finally take a seat and embark on an intercontinental journey with good sense.

earth roots posters

For private

Many small streams make a great river, so therefore no contribution is too small. The most important thing is that we reach our goal of planting more than 675,000 new trees. Our drawings are available in four sizes and even the smallest of them at 20 x 40 cm. will plant 10 new trees. Everything from colours and paper to packaging is made of sustainable materials and everything is produced in Denmark. The 63 small and large works of art are produced in a limited edition, all of them are numbered and signed and can be delivered with or without frame. They will light up in any home, the good story will be a fine topic of conversation among family and friends, just as the personal certificate will always be evidence of your important commitment to the health of the planet. Then take a virtual tour and visit the roots of the continents via the menu above.

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For companies

Earth-Roots offers companies unique and modern art with good meaning, made in Denmark from sustainable materials and thus realize their intentions for sustainability. This can make any business a vital part of the mission, which is about restoring the planet’s balance by buying signed and numbered, small and large works of art at reasonable prices and sharing them, as well as the great story of our roots, with employees, customers and stakeholders. And help plant 675,000 new trees all over our land where it makes the most sense. In collaboration with the organization Plant-for-the-Planet, all purchases, large and small, will help new forests on the way for the benefit of us all both now and in the future. In addition, any support for this project will allow your company to communicate its involvement in press releases, digital communications including So-Me activities. And thus, help to shape the right sustainability narrative.

Take the intercontinental journey via the menu at the top of the page and get to know our roots and fill out this contact form to, without obligations, hear more about shipping options, gift cards for employees, framing and discounts in case of desire to buy larger quantities.

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