About us


A long and deep love for forests and trees got extra fertile ground on trips in Africa way back in the time before corona. This is where the vision of Earth-Roots began and three of the continent’s most iconic trees were all drawn with their roots, in three colour versions. Gradually, the idea arose to expand the vision to include all the Earth’s continents. Especially when the collaboration with Plant for The Planet became possible, work began on the last 18 basic motifs. Now we could not just offer a piece of unique art with a good story but give each individual work additional meaning by planting new forests and trees on our planet where it is most needed.

Gradually, the vision grew into a mission, and we founded a small but ambitious company, which today stands for development, communication and sales primarily through this web shop. The goal is to plant more than 675,000 new trees and to focus on global deforestation and its consequences in relation to CO2 emissions, biodiversity and climatic instability. Our great hope is that earth-roots will make sense both for individuals and companies and that as many people as possible will find the motifs beautiful, the stories good and the mission meaningful.